How does PRM Work?

OTG is fully committed to meeting GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements, safeguarding data subject rights and ensuring accountability at all levels. OTG takes security and privacy seriously both in our services and our organization to protect the data our customers entrust to us.





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PRM - Tutorials & Help

My Dashboard explained

Let's begin with board

Looking for some specific info? Just search on every data all at once.

Will be out in the country with no internet? Print your prospects list, or part of it to work

Excel lover? Export your prospects list and work on any new plans you have

Need to add someone but not sent invitation? A pop up window will appear on your screen and just fill in the form and add manually.

Organise your daily follow ups. Just click on any of the columns to sort (by clicking twice you change from A-Z to Z-A)

You'll have 3 options: Edit, Delete or History.

You can update your prospect info. It will show up like a popup window.

Who watched videos by date? What is my “next step date” today? Who registered in the past days? Who is rated “shown interest” and I have to call today? Or any other priority you might think of!

Adding prospects automatically

Your Prospect will receive this email.

Your Prospect will receive this email.

Your Prospect will receive a link that will take him/her here.